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Are you ready to start your journey to becoming the best Quarterback you can be both Mentally and Physically?

About QBU

Quarterback University is one of the top quarterback development programs in the country. We have been listed as one of the nations top "QB Gurus" by bleacher report in 2013. QBU focuses on the development of the complete QB by enhancing on field abilities as well as the cerebral component of the game. Quarterback University is based out of Detroit Michigan, but travels the United States and Canada to work with quarterbacks.

Quarterback Trainers/Coaches

Where the Passion Begins

Our coaches believe in complete development of the quarterback position. We strive to not only see improvement with on field play but also mastering the cerebral component of the game. Quarterback University works closely with coaches at all levels to continue to stay ahead of the curve.


Donovan Dooley

Founder of Quarterback University

As the founder of Quarterback University he has worked extensively with NFL, NCAA, and High School QB's/Teams. Coach has found himself working with some of the top quarterbacks in the United States and Canada. Since 2014 Donovan was hired by St. Vincent to head up the Quarterback Training for their Pre-NFL Combine Training program.

"To be a successful quarterback at any level you must be able to listen, process, and apply what you are taught."

Pep Hamilton

QBU Select March 2022
Allen Trieu 24/7 Sports
American Football Stadium

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